Our facilities and services

Onze voorzieningen

Our facilities and services

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has many facilities that are available to our staff members and students. In this regard we are committed to care, the safeguarding of legal rights and sustainability. We aim to ensure that our campuses provide the best possible backdrop for staff and student activities. Because we stand by the principle of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ (a sound mind in a healthy body), as an institution we are also keen to provide our staff and students with an extremely well-equipped library and sports centre.


The library provides essential support to students during their studies and is primarily known for its up-to-date collection of study materials and as a study space. In addition, the library provides access to a rapidly growing number of digital resources. It also compiles, exclusively in digital format, graduation reports and publications by research group leaders and lecturers. The digital collections are particularly important for lecturers and researchers.


The 2011 student satisfaction survey once again showed that our students continue to rate the library and its services highly. Areas for improvement specifically include the study spaces. In the reporting year, preparations were commenced for a complete reorganisation. The main aim of the reorganisation is to achieve better use of the capacity in the study spaces and to combat noise disturbance.

Working groups

Two working groups are active within The Hague University of Applied Sciences to ensure a continuous focus on studying with an impairment. The working group under the name ‘The Hague University Customised Bachelor’s Programmes’ meets once every two months. This working group discusses what is needed within our institution for students with an impairment, identifies potential problems and comes up with solutions. The other working group, the ‘Service Team’ working group, examines what provisions are needed to facilitate the teaching of students with an impairment.