Links with the professional field

Over the course of the reporting year, the various academies and study programmes took various initiatives to ensure that the relationship between education and the professional field is reflected in its internationally-oriented courses, minors, study programmes, etcetera. The Hague University of Applied Sciences takes pride in this approach. This annual report features various examples of these initiatives, which serve to illustrate our best practices.
For example, the interview entitled ‘International networking – a closer look’ illustrates ongoing efforts by the Healthcare Academy Nursing programme to make the most of the relationships between education and the professional field. The article entitled ‘The professional field and the academies' plans for internationalisation’ describes efforts by The Hague University of Applied Sciences' study programmes to derive added value from their relationship with the professional field. As this list of best practices illustrates, The Hague University of Applied Sciences graduates will be equally equipped to apply their knowledge in Venlo, Toronto or Kyoto after starting their career as young professionals.

Illustrating a matter of course

With The Hague University of Applied Sciences 2012 annual report themed around the issue of ‘internationalisation’, such an overview of best practices serves an illustrative purpose. These best practices have been illustrated by means of various iconic images of abstract destinations. These photographs will entice any global citizen to get moving, discover the world and look beyond his or her (national) borders. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is naturally inclined to establish links with the international professional field, work with partners throughout Europe and the wider world and help young people acquire the competencies they need to meet any professional challenge, no matter where they work.

The section below provides an overview of the various best practices featured in this annual report.

  • The professional field and the academies' plans for internationalisation

  • A flying start for the International Financial Management and Control programme
  • Prosecuting war criminals and teaching at Law
  • An example of internationalisation
  • Finnish lector Pekka Matvejeff enjoys teaching in The Hague
  • Bolivian schools implement Dutch recommendations
  • International networking – a closer look
  • Check-it: a unique example of international cooperation
  • The added value of an exchange programme
  • International business community involved in graduation ceremony
  • Minor in Chinese Economics and Culture prepares students for contact with world's second largest economy
  • Urban Education Course receives international acclaim
  • Sports Studies Academy organises trip to 2012 Paralympics
  • Human rights and social work from a global perspective
  • Unique collaboration between TIS Delft and Belgian and German universities of applied sciences
  • Exchange programme benefits both students and businesses
  • Joint project between The Hague and Brazil on ultra-Dutch vegetable
  • Increasing learning ability among dementia patients
  • Searching for partners at the EAIE conference in Dublin
  • ‘The world in 2025’ master class