Master's degree programmes and Professional Courses

In addition to Bachelor's degree programmes, The Hague University of Applied Sciences also offers various Master's degree programmes and professional courses. In order to improve the quality of its study programmes, the Masters & Professional Courses Academy made efforts to apply greater focus to its range over the course of 2011. In 2012, the emphasis was on quality assurance. As a result of this focus on quality, the academy managed to achieve solid financial results over the reporting year despite a smaller amount of study programmes and less participants.


In 2012, the academy offered a total of seven Master's degree programmes, of which two were organised in collaboration with the Open University. All professional Master's offered by The Hague University of Applied Sciences are geared towards professional practice. The students enrolled in these courses are mainly professionals with a Bachelor's degree or other academic title seeking to retrain or refresh their existing skills. In 2012, an average of 250 students took part in a Master's degree programme, compared to 360 in 2011. This decline in the number of students is attributable to the decision to phase out various Master's degree programmes, for reasons such as insufficient enrolments. Efforts to update the student database (removing students that were still enrolled but no longer taking part in the study programme) also contributed to the reduction of student numbers.

Professional courses

In addition to its various Master's degree programmes, the Masters & Professional Courses Academy offered a total of 27 professional courses in 2012. This includes both longer and shorter courses, varying from – for example – four days to an entire year. The professional courses also saw a decline in the number of participants (from approximately 800 in 2011 to 475 in 2012). This decline is attributable to the new focus on quality and coincided with a major cost reduction. As a result, the decline in turnover was limited and overall results remained solid.

Customised programmes

In addition to the various study programmes and courses, the Masters & Professional Courses Academy also offers a range of customised programmes for the business sector. Many of these programmes are offered on an in-company basis. As in 2011, the academy saw that the business sector has a great need for such customised programmes despite the economic crisis and the need to make cutbacks. In some cases, specific customised programmes were offered by other academies. The Hague University of Applied Sciences provided 26 customised programmes over the course of the reporting year, varying from longer study programmes to brief training programmes. Twenty-five of these programmes were provided by the Masters & Professional Courses Academy, with the remaining programme offered by the Public Administration, Law & Safety Academy.

Higher education for seniors (HOVO)

Up until the summer of 2012, The Hague University of Applied Sciences offered various courses and activities for the 50-plus age group in areas such as history, art history, philosophy, literature, music and the city of The Hague under the name HOVO. The final courses and activities were held in the summer of 2012. In 2011, The Hague University of Applied Sciences decided to phase out its range of HOVO courses; this decision was partly based on cost-related considerations and partly due to the fact that HOVO no longer reflects the institution's current profile. In order to ensure that the activities organised by HOVO The Hague could be continued, The Hague University of Applied Sciences contacted Erasmus University Rotterdam. This research university decided to continue several courses at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. As a result, HOVO will remain accessible to residents of The Hague.