Our place in society

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has a central role in its community. We greatly value this relationship with broader society, and strive to ensure that the results yielded by our research and education are broadly visible. As society becomes increasingly influenced by globalisation, we ensure that our research and education takes on a more international character. This approach enables us to stimulate the global citizenship of our students. This chapter refers to the various best practices featured in this annual report, which highlight the theme of ‘internationalisation’ from various perspectives.


As a result of the ongoing process of globalisation, tomorrow's young professionals will come to work and live in an environment characterised by international influences. This also applies to those who find employment in their own country. The Hague University of Applied Sciences equips young professionals for tomorrow's professional practice. We have thus translated the effects of globalisation on the professional field into our study programmes. As globalisation affects each profession and sector in a unique manner, our internationalisation policies take a different form at each individual academy or study programme. No matter which form this policy takes, all students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences familiarise themselves with international competencies. These measures help to promote our students' global citizenship, no matter where in the world they eventually find employment.