The student body in numbers

The Hague University of Applied Sciences grew by a substantial number of students in 2012. In total, the student body numbered around 23,400. This represents an increase of more than 2 per cent relative to 2011, when a total of just over 22,900 students were enrolled. Growth occurred with respect to both full-time (+ 5%) and dual programmes (+ 6%), whereas the number of students enrolled in part-time programmes fell again by a substantial percentage (-17%). Overall growth in 2012 was less pronounced in comparison with 2011.

Degree programmes

In 2012 nearly half of the students were enrolled in a programme in the economic domain, whilst just over a quarter were enrolled in technology programmes. The Hague University of Applied Sciences' education and healthcare domains attracted less students (8 and 6 per cent, respectively). Approximately 13 per cent of students were enrolled in a programme in the behaviour & society domain. International & European Law was the largest programme in 2012, with around 1,600 students, followed by European Studies, with almost 1,300 students. Around 13 per cent of our students followed an English-taught programme in 2012.