Onze voorzieningen en faciliteiten

Our facilities and services

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has the facilities and provisions necessary, to ensure that its staff and students feel safe and comfortable while they are working and studying respectively. Care and supervision, legal protection and the creation of possibilities are key to the above. The Hague University of Applied Sciences also pursues a well-considered housing policy.


The intake of more students is resulting in a bigger need for space. In the year under review, the last service departments moved from the main campus to the Poseidon building. Development of the Zuiderpark Sports Campus resumed and the Academy of ICT & Media relocated to the former Leeuwezegel factory in Zoetermeer.

Increasing need for space

The increasing number of students has been presenting The Hague University of Applied Sciences with a challenge where housing is concerned for several years now. This was no difference in 2013. The Executive Board adopted site policy for the years ahead, including the multi-annual estimate and the basic quality of housing. Alteration and refurbishment work at the main campus will take place in 21 phases, ending in 2017. The objective is to ensure that the main campus is able to meet the wishes and requirements imposed by education today.

The THUAS library

The Hague University of Applied Sciences feels that it is important to align its library to the wishes of today’s users as much as possible, whether users are physically present in the library or want to work elsewhere. Given the above, the THUAS library offers an up-to-date collection of books and various types of work places and also ever-increasing access to academic databases, digital magazines and e-books. In this paragraph, you will read more about the successful restructuring, improvements at the other locations, relevant research projects and the workshops and instructions given.

Successful restructuring

Users appreciated the metamorphosis that the library underwent in the summer of 2012. This became clear from the two-yearly satisfaction survey that was held in December 2013, for instance. In this survey, visitors scored the atmosphere as more than satisfactory. The expertise of staff was scored very highly. The number of work places remained a point for concern. Although the alterations and refurbishment resulted in more work places, the improved facilities have attracted more people to the library too: now some 3,500 per day.


In the year under review, benchmark research was carried out at 19 libraries at the university of applied sciences. The subject of the research were the facilities and service offered by the libraries. The library at The Hague University of Applied Sciences scored well on service provision and efficiency and was found to be by far the biggest user of the LexisNexis news database.

In 2013, national research was also done on the needs of lectors: which support would they like to have from the libraries at universities of applied sciences where practice-based research was concerned? This yielded a great deal of useful information. Given the above, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will carry out follow-up research internally in the first quarter of 2014.

Workshops and instructions

The number of workshops and instructions that the library provides has been increasing for several years now. In 2013, many students again found their way to the workshops on basic instructions, to the follow-up courses presenting targeted search techniques and the special workshops for prospective graduates. They also took part in the above at an ever earlier stage in their studies. There continued to be a huge interest in information about copyright for digital publications in the year under review as well.