Onze profilering en prestatieafspraken

Our profiling and performance agreements

This chapter will provide an overview of the profiling and performance agreements that the Hague University of Applied Sciences made with the government about the following on 3 November 2012:

  1. Education quality and study success
  2. Study programmes
  3. Differentiation
  4. Research and valorisation/priority areas

The agreements have been set out in the integral document entitled Profiling and performance agreements for The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In this document, our ambitions are described on the basis of the profile for future years. It has been decided to adopt the same integral approach in the following chapters. This chapter will look explicitly at the progress achieved with the agreements made. Reference will also be made to relevant passages in these annual review documents.

The proposed strengthening of the three core qualities of The Hague University of Applied Sciences will play an important role when realising the profiling and performance agreements made. This will involve the achievement of the following:

  • A stable, stimulating learning, working and research environment, at the heart of society and for a very diverse student population
  • International orientation
  • Partner to innovation in the professional environment

Based on these core qualities, the education framework for the bachelor’s degree programmes was adopted in 2012.