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Location Laan van Poot

Route description Laan van Poot The Faculty of Health, Nutrition & Sport at the Laan van Poot has its own library of more than 4,500 publications for the use of students of our two sports courses (Sports Management and PE teacher training courses). Most of the collection may be borrowed by any HHs student with
a valid student card, excluding the literature texts and journals.

The library accommodates:

  • Nearly forty working spaces
  • Eight computer workstations
  • A multifunctional to make prints, copies and scans
  • A library catalogue compute Virtual tour library Laan van Poot r
  • Nearly 40 journals on sports and education

  • Self-service machine, where you can borrow and return materials

Borrowing terms at Laan van Poot are the same as at the main building. Items are issued and
returned using the self-service machine, which is operated by your student card or, if you are a staff member, your HHs library card.

The Laan van Poot branch is mostly staffed during opening hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.30.

  • Library questions
  • Making payments
  • Reserving items
  • Request books and other items from the main building on their behalf. (These will be ready for collection at Laan van Poot within one or two days.)

The use of library services and facilities is subject to The Hague University Library Rules.

updated: July 7, 2016

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