About the library

Main building (Central library)

Route descripton T he library offers an up-to-date collection of books, a large and broad collection of database, journals, theses, from nearly all study programs, educational videos / DVDs, e-books and much more.

Library items can be loaned and returned using the special self-service machine. Students use their student card to operate it, staff members can apply for a library card.

Please contact the desk if you have any questions about operating the machine or experience problems. The desk is also the place to go for payments.

In the Study Plaza, on the first floor, you will find:

  • Nearly 100 computer workstations
  • A number of laptop stations
  • Comfortable chairs for quiet reading
  • Three multifunctionals (also for scanning)
  • Collection of newspapers and weekly newsmagazines
  • Reception, for general questions
  • Self-service machine, where you can borrow and return materials

Further on, on the first floor, you also find:

  • Conference tables
  • An instruction room for library training. If this room is not reserved for training, it can be used as a quiet study room
  • Two library catalogue computer
  • Office

On the ground floor you will find:

  • Collection of books
  • Collection of journals
  • Three library catalogue computers
  • Helpdesk, for information-related questions and for making reservations (€0.50 per item)
  • Individual workstations for concentrated study
  • One multifunctional (also for scanning)
  • Office

The use of library services and facilities is subject to The Hague University Library Rules.

updated: January 20, 2016

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