Digital library

Databases and online sources

A-Z list: all database and online sources. General: databases covering multiple domains. Almost all databases can be accessed from home (after logging in).

Simultaneous search: concurrent searching of many important databases.

Current issues

Concerns Issue
New library website The new library website doesn't offer a separate databases overview. The new version of Simultaneous search is not only a search engine, but also provides an overview of the digital sources. Source List: Sources is the A-Z list. Click on a title to access that source directly or click on the "i" for information on that source. Subjects provides the classification of sources according to subject.
New overview of current issues Known issues and access problems are now listed under Actueel (centre bottom of the page) in Simultaneous search.

External login

In order to use the databases and Simultaneous search off-campus, you have to login with a username and password. Access problems? See this FAQ or send a mail to

updated: March 14, 2017

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