Participatory Innovation Conference 2015

Conference Chairs

The 4 th Participatory Innovation Conference, PIN-C will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands on 18-20 May 2015. Organised jointly by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, this conference will bring together researchers, artists, designers and practitioners.

“Innovation is when many people change their practices”
(Hiroshi Tamura,  former director of, University of Tokyo, in his PIN-C 2012 keynote)

This definition of innovation is quite different from the standard business definition of ‘new goods or services for which customers will pay’. It raises crucial questions on how such changes in practices come about and provides a strong argument for the young field of Participatory Innovation.

Keynote speakers

The organization of Pin-C 2015 is delighted to announce Johan Wagenaar and Peter Paul Verbeek as inspiring keynote speakers for the upcoming conference in May. From their own perspectives they will reflect in their speeches on the overall theme of Pin_C 2015 'Reframing Design'.

Reframing design

Innovation is currently expanding from the design of products, technologies and services to the broader social innovation. Design still stays at the core of innovation, but the often functional approach of design and designers may be too narrow for these contexts. Therefore, participation and co-creation are becoming the norm in complex situations where cross-disciplinary teams add more value than entrepreneurial superstars. Stakeholders from governments, organisations, companies, as well as users participate and contribute to innovation in novel ways. When it comes to approaches, innovation is influenced by the hype of design thinking, by creativity, and by the arts.

Are the current forms of participation sufficient to ensure long-term, sustainable change? Who initiates participation, what roles do companies and organisations play? And is design the solution to all problems – can we really design society, democracy, life? To adapt design to these new conditions requires constructive dialogue at another level of reflection. Only in participating with a range of disciplines, varying from the humanities, business, and arts, we would be able to change our innovation practices.

PIN-C 2015 will explore the role of participatory innovation and design throughout society.  The scope of the conference expands beyond the typical notion of design to point out new areas, challenges and approaches – in short, the theme is reframing design.  
We invite practitioners, researchers and artists to meet and discuss the future of participatory innovation as a practice and as a research field – across research disciplines and organisational boundaries and through presentations, performances and artistic interventions. Only in a joint, participative and reflective process are we able to reframe our practices and embrace innovation.

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