About PIN-C

Participatory Innovation

Participatory Innovation combines theories and methods across academic fields that describe how people outside an organization can contribute to its innovation. Join this conference to help identify ways for industry, the public sector, and communities to expand innovation through the participation of users, employees, suppliers, citizens, members, etc. – on a strategic level, in concrete methods, and in day-to-day interactions.

Industry, public agencies, and communities increasingly adopt people-driven and open innovation, as they realize that innovation cannot come solely from within an organization. Innovation happens between people outside and people inside – because they have different stakes and perspectives.

In academia, new breakthrough contributions to understanding and supporting innovation also emerge in the borderlands between disciplines that traditionally do not collaborate.


The Participatory Innovation Conference was established by the SPIRE Research Centre, University of Southern Denmark, with the goal of creating a truly interdisciplinary forum for innovation research. The trademark of the conference is that it brings together research disciplines that otherwise only seldom meet in dedicated tracks throughout the conference. And that it does so in an active, participatory format.

PIN-C 2015 has three predecessors: the first conference was held in Sønderborg, Denmark in 2011. PIN-C 2012 was co-organised with Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Design, in Melbourne, Australia. Lappeenranta University of Technology in Lahti, Finland, hosted PIN-C 2013. PIN-C is still a young conference, but with lots of potential!

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